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Hu NMD Trail perfect combination with 3M reflection will usher in 2017-11-02 11:19:12 after the Chanel x Pharrell x adidas Originals Hu NMD, a pair of Hu NMD Trail will be sold. Pharrell Williams himself attended the event in Shanghai in September. The double black color Hu NMD Trail biggest bright spot on the upper 3M reflective words, Y.O.U. and N.E.R.D. under the condition of the upper reflector is very eye-catching. The shoelace is also 3M reflective material, and the black camouflage leather on the back of the shoe does not lose its texture. It is understood that this pair of shoes will be available at the beginning of November ComplexCon, interested friends please continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports. has been repeatedly reported that all double Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Volt" before finally released its final release information, the shoes will climb the shelves in December 24th. Designers with extremely dazzling fluorescent green rendering shoes overall, the details are only black decoration. Classic shoes, the use of new dazzling color matching, so as to create a new visual feast for us. It is reported that the shoes priced at $250, number 624041-700, friends will want to shine in winter may wish to look at.This season Adidas Originals EQT series five new color matching, respectively, EQT Support 93/17, EQT Support ADV PK and EQT Support ADV. EQT Support 93/17 retains the nylon three stripes, combination of TPU and Heel Counter followed by lateral support blessing collocation, ensure the stability and the body of the shoe vamp is used, consistent with the YEEZY Primeknit fabric, plus BOOST corrosion epicenter with embossed bottom technology to restore the first year in the bottom on the fringes of the details, is a modern interpretation of classic design; EQT Sup Cheap foamposites for sale port ADV PK to EQT Racing 93 and Running Guidance classic shoes as a blueprint, to create a new series. In addition to adding Primeknit technology on the basis of the original, but also into a stocking type design is most popular at the moment, for the summer to build, rather than EQT Support ADV PK design blueprint, more light, the body of the shoe line more smoothly, color collocation is also more relaxed; EQT Support ADV three uses a different texture of the shoes fiber fabrics, with upper body nylon webbing system, enhance its stability and functional support in heel position, like nature itself a pair of top running shoes. The design of the heart and the blessing of the top technology are absolutely impeccable.The day before the network exposed a pair of Air Jordan 6 "First Championship", the whole shoes with white cortex build, using inkjet in bottom point modification, reminiscent of the classic color "Oreo", but most people feel surprised is that the shoes into the 3M effect, let the same sparkles in the night! It is reported that this pair of limited 30 pairs of shoes, priced at $10 thousand! Even so, like many friends will rush, domestic friends are waiting for something, hurry to grab! Buy whatever you wantNike Free series published in 2004, emphasizing the "barefoot regeneration" concept of subversion of people about the running of the definition, after ten years of evolution, in 2013 with flying Nike's novel fabric technology, such as Nike Flyknit like obedient feet wearing socks feel exactly with barefoot spirit coincide, the combination of two shoes in the field out of the new milepost. The new colours that have just appeared in the market are vibrant and full of business, and interested friends are already available at for $140. Photograph: uninhibited, in jordans on sale online novation, vitality, the rebellious, these are synonymous with McQ, began in 2014 in collaboration with PUMA has repeatedly subvert the shoes and fashion combined with the impression, perhaps the designer Sarah Burton's idea, make this series of shoes are always playing as aesthetic structure, dress like the original dismantling and re construction. The definition of each material. This time the two sides once again brought a pair of newly designed Cell Mid shoes, jogging shoes like appearance, with large mesh tongue covered with the shoe body, also remove the laces system, instead of the elastic nylon straps and plastic buckle, in the end by the different material layers piled up, but with the reversal of freely flowing style of writing lines deep impression, both appearance and safety effect, combination of fashion and sports so that one plus one is greater than two, wipe out more spark. Puma x McQ Cell Mid has been purchased at the official website of PUMA, a total of three colors, priced at $230. source: PUMABetween design and player shoes often have fascinating link elements and story, pioneer Damian Lillard has always been headed back to the key moment of the match with the glue more amazing performances, make him widely loved by fans, so the qualities of the heart also gave Adidas the design team inspired D Lillard 2 "Dame Time" refers to the court timer display light red color, style collocation with symbolic digital countdown stage code interpretation Lillard take over the battle capability, Taiwan region is now officially on sale, model: B72728, interested in the exploration of shoe can go to their Adidas stores or distributors for sale, store information and other questions are welcome to call the adidas customer service hotline: (02) 2509-5900. source: Damian LillardNike Kob jordan shoes online sale e A.D. NXT black and white style in Taiwan today has special shops for sale, priced at 6600 yuan, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. is the world intellectual movement smile sports sports league union St uns at Murmansk source: Nike / Kicks On FireIn 1991, PUMA created the Disc device shoelace, which was a breakthrough technology at that time and still has a lot of impact. In 2009, PUMA developed an air cushion midsole and was used on a range of products, including the evolved Disc Blaze, called Puma Disc Blaze 10 Cell. This year the project PUMA will continue, after the upgrade called PUMA Disc Blaze Cell, Disc Blaze and the classic profile is not the same, shoes side smooth rubber strip, full of rhythm of bottom more hierarchical that the pair of shoes, a series of three pure tone minimalist style, is expected in March 15th in the world specify the store sale. source: Visual Magazine is an artist and designer Patso Dimitrov provides an interesting idea, the spirit to several rap to sing on the album cover and cleverly merged into a number of star shoes, offers different color inspiration. The Jay-Z cooperation with Kayane West Watch the Throne "album" and the little emperor LeBron 11 fit, like creating a crown like a noble color. if you like the style of Patso Dimitrov, you can focus on or Twitter. KAA is the Disney animated "Prince of the forest" (The Jungle Book) in the India rock python head name, this animated film released on 1967 this year turned into the movie and will be officially released in April, the recent Reebok an Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale d Disney to it as a joint lead launch of Instapump Fury, a grey inflated shoe cage the snake like Lin dermatoglyphics of realistic design, also attach to the KAA animation version of silhouette made tags left a little cooperation Memorial, with playful atmosphere. source: Sneaker PoliticsAndre Iguodala for individual Instagram revealed the next season may be wearing shoes, can see the Zoom Run the One and Hyperdunk 2014 Low 2 pairs of shoes in the picture, with the same basic tone Jinzhou warriors design, simple and neat, plus the Andre Iguodala personal logo, but also many the black line the main color, people immediately think of a few days ago published the new away short sleeved shirt, although the player version less chance for sale, but ordinary color styles are in foreign Nike dealers can be purchased. source: Andre Iguodala swatch Freestyle Skiing World Tour is ranked first in the world of freestyle skiing events, Swatch as the top ski race long title partner also launched a special limited watches. This event official watch BACKCOUNTRY SUOB720C is on the swatch of the classic model of the new gent be improved design, paired with a leather strap, and the words "swatch freeride World Tour" in the above engraving. Women's single board skiing Estelle Balet and Anne-Flore Marxer to their personality and full of style interpretation of the wristwatch.designer Jean Paul Gaultier and EASTPAK's bags will continue in 2015. This is , EASTPAK artist joint DAA AIDS charity project fourth bomb works. DAA is the fashion charity Designers Against AIDS abbreviation. Through clothing design as a carrier, aims to raise awareness among young people about AIDS prevention, and to donate part of the sales to the global non-profit organizations for the prevention and treatment of aids. Jean Pau cheap foamposites l Gaultier+EASTPAK cooperation 2015 bagsIs preparing for the Olympic Games in Rio's Jimmy Butler and pro - a new color Air Jordan XXXI debut in the training field, this section by the white fabric collocation form blue leather shoe body, supplemented by red dotted details, the overall is still showing a rich American style. jimmy-butler-in-jordan-31s_ob91hc.jpg (111.46 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan XXXI new color 2016-8-2 08:55 upload jimmy-butler-wearing-jordan-xxx1_ob91h4.jpg (104.3 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan XXXI new color 2016-8-2 08:55 upload jimmy-butler-jordan-31-usa_ob91hi.jpg (43.43 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan XXXI new color 2016-8-2 08:55 upload jordan-31-red-white-blue_zuhweh.jpg (92.28 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan XXXI new color 2016-8-2 08:56 Jordan to upload this topic by Tony in the 00 generation 2016-8-2 08:56 reporter was informed last week, the United States's largest vulcanized shoes seller TheStrideRiteCorporation ("SRR") intends to its headquarters in China, that was originally opened in another part of the country, moved to Quanzhou. Experts believe that once the project is implemented, it will have a great impact on the footwear industry and related fields in Quanzhou. SRR strong strength, brand has a long history. SRR was founded in 1919, is a leading distributor of American high quality shoes at present, and the main distributor of adults and children sports shoes and casual shoes, with many well-known brand and sales generated in the United States, annual turnover of about $550 million, is the New York Stock Exchange listed companies, market capitalization of about $526 million. SRR is now working with a light industrial enterprise in Quanzhou to establish a close relationship bet jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ween sales and marketing of vulcanized shoes and other products. The amount involved in the cooperation is relatively large. , according to informed sources, SRR hopes that the causes of migration in China headquarters, in addition to Quanzhou is the key area of domestic apparel and footwear production, but also because the basic wage originally set up regional headquarters is rising, which increased its operating costs and so on. Quanzhou, by contrast, has a superior investment environment, so Quanzhou becomes one of the American companies' location in Huaxin headquarters. experts believe that if the SRR moved its China headquarters to Quanzhou, will lead the world influential clothing and shoe manufacturers, distributors to enter camp in, then, Quanzhou shoe industry in the domestic and international production strength and status, and cooperate with the factory, the development of related industries, will effectively promote the. reporter also learned that, SRR products have 99% imports from china. It sells products through different retail networks, such as independent footwear companies, catalog retailers, e-commerce websites, specialty stores, etc., and sells them to destinations. It also sells products through independent distributors and Franchised Distributors to areas outside the United States and canada. (Lv Zhenzhen) (editor in chief: admin)as the world's leading sports brand, Adidas and Nike has been leading the wind movement fashion, but we as consumers, sometimes really do not know how to choose, what is the adidas rise above the common herd? Nike or better? Today Xiaobian to tell you. Adidas (Adidas) is a German sports goods manufacturer Adidas AG, the members of the company. With its founder Adolf · Adidas · (Adolf Adi Dassler); Dassler named in 1920 in Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg began production of the footwear products. In August 18, 1949 Adidas AG name registration. Adidas had set up jointly by two brothers, brother Adolf in part company each going his own way, Rudolf Dassler (Rudolf Dassler) · open the sports brand puma. The classic slogan: "nothing is impossible" (Impossible is nothing). In March 2011, spending 160 million euros on the opening of a new adidas is all in slogan (the best). Adidas sub brand: athletic performance series (three stripes), sports originals classic series (clover) and Adidas NEO (sports fashion series is divided into three sub brands: Y-3, SLVR, Adidas). NIKE is the world famous sports brand, English intent refers to the Greek goddess of victory, Chinese for Nike. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, company production of sports goods such as clothing, footwear, cover and contain everything, sports equipment etc.. The Nike logo is a small hook. Nike will have to encourage every athlete in the world and to offer the best products as a glorious task. Air cushion technology pioneered by Nike brings a revolution to the field of sports. The use of the technology to create a sneaker can well protect the athlete's knee. To reduce the influence of the knee in its vigorous exercise in landing. Nike sub brands: Nike360, Jordan, Air Nike Golf, Air Max, Nike Shox, Nike sb, Nike Pro, Nike Dunk, Air Force, Nike Sportswear etc.. The main difference between adidas and Nike: adidas to design win, Nike technology to win; Adidas Nike shoes design, comfortable shoes. adidas is committed to leading products: sports trend; Nike products is committed to: improve athletic performance for professional athletes. Das adidas brand name: from which the founders of Adidas Le, three stripes logo was inspired by the track; n〉 if you have a shoe that can avoid falling down on the ground, do you want it? It sounds ridiculous, because you're young and energetic, and your limbs are healthy, and you won't walk easily and fall. But for some older people or people with motor disabilities, that's not the case. Recently, MIT is working on tactile feedback shoes that can help users fall on the ground, or fall on the moon. said that it might sound interesting to say that astronauts fell on the moon, but in fact, if that happens, it will not only affect the mission of the astronauts, but more likely to endanger their lives. Because they're wearing a supercharged suit that contains everything you need to maintain your life in space walking, and it's very complicated. So falling down in space may damage the key components of the suit. Not only that, now a large volume of space suit worn by astronauts and very heavy, limited walking and sight, in order to improve the ability to move astronauts, researchers at MIT Aerospace Engineering Department of Cambridge University and Charles Stark Draper Laboratory laboratory is currently developing a set of high-tech space shoes, loaded with micro tactile sensor and motor, in order to provide interactive real-time feedback for astronauts, and guide them to avoid obstacles. and this shoe is not just confined to space, and YiViAn also thinks it can be used for virtual reality products to make virtual reality more realistic. The shoes are equipped with 3 motors, located on the toes, heels and forefoot. The intensity of the vibration will indicate the hardness of the object, and whether you need to change the route. According to the Purdue University Health Sciences and Professor Shirley Rietdyk said: "the kinematics (these studies will not only help to astronauts), but also help to those that are difficult to understand the specific circumstances of the fire, and the people sensory system function decline, such as the elderly and suffering from diseases and people with motor disabilities." in theory, this kind of shoes is a great idea, not only benefit astronauts, but also help thousands of people who have difficulty walking. However, the problem is that it is difficult to respond to tactile feedback in a timely manner. However, with the progress of technology, it will gradually improve the quality of sensors and feedback, and improve the accuracy and availability of the virtual world and the real world. Looking forward to the future has such a fall prevention shoes, so we are too old, nor because of easy to fall, can no longer come out of the hospital. 2012-3-2 09:29 upload and download the attachment (352.13 KB) we can look forward to the day, St. Patrick's Day bulls game against Philadelphia Derrick Rose will be wearing this pair of shoes on the green. The pair of shoes to the green channel as the theme, and burst Nubuc mesh material mix build lines to highlight the vamp of different texture, with white lace, followed by three bars of sole. The green / white color of the shoes is not only representative of "St. Patrick's Day", but also a symbol of Derrick primary school in Chicago, Beasley academic center. The price is expected to be $110. Jordan Brand black month series shoes, as well as the front of this new pair of shoes to join, formal Jordan Horizon. colorful woven upper with Air Jordan 13 outsole, how do you feel? 2016-1-9 00:04 upload and download attachment (367.41, KB) JORDAN HORIZON "BLACK HISTORY MONTH" color: Black / blue, purple / white, release date: January 16th offer price: $185